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Current exhibitions

  1. Post Capital: A ScreeningCollection presentation
  2. Vue de l'exposition "Les 25 ans de la Collection Mudam", Mudam Luxembourg, 21.11.2020 – 03.04.2022
    25 years of the Mudam CollectionCollection presentation
  3. Vue de l'exposition "mirror mirror: cultural reflections in fashion", 30.10.2021 – 18.04.2022, Mudam Luxembourg © Photo : Rémi Villaggi | Mudam Luxembourg
    mirror mirror: cultural reflections in fashionCollection presentation
  4. Nedko SolakovA Cornered Solo Show #1

Upcoming exhibitions

  1. Danh Vo, Güldenhof, 2021 press images photo credit: Nick Ash courtesy: the artist
    Isamu Noguchi / Danh Voa cloud and flowers
  2. Martine Feipel & Jean BechameilSolo exhibition
  3. Trajal Harrell
    Trajal Harrell. Sister or He Buried the BodyPerformance
  4. Zoe LeonardAl río / To the River
  5. Yasmina Reza, ART
    Yasmina Reza. ArtMudam hosts Théâtre National du Luxembourg
  6. William Engelen
    William Engelen. VerstrijkenPerformance – Mudam Collection
  7. Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, Tie the Temptress to the Trojan, 2016 | Collection of Michael Bertrand, Toronto Courtesy of Lynette Yiadom-Boakye
    Lynette Yiadom-BoakyeFly in League with the Night
  8. Darius Dolatyari © photo : Hubert Crabières
    Darius Dolatyari. PARADESPerformance – Mudam Collection
  9. Tina Gillen, Shelter 2018
    Tina Gillen. Faraway So CloseThe Luxembourg Pavilion at the 59th Venice Biennale
  10. Cecilia Bengolea, courtesy of the artist
    Cecilia BengoleaPerformance in collaboration with Esch2022
  11. Tacita Dean, 150 Years of Painting
    Tacita DeanSolo exhibition
  12. Hydrophones de Chris Watson enregistrant les sons du port à travers les vibrations d’une barrière, Athènes, juin 2015 © photo : Alexandre Guirkinger
    Tarek Atoui. Water’s WitnessInstallation + performances
  13. Sung Tieu, Zugzwang
    Sung TieuSolo exhibition
  14. August Rodin, Polyphem, 1888 | Gips Sammlung Saarlandmuseum – Moderne Galerie Saarbrücken / Collection Saarlandmuseum – Moderne Galerie Sarrebruck © photo : Stiftung Saarländischer Kulturbesitz
    Face-à-FaceDialogue between the Mudam Collection and the Moderne Galerie Saarlandmuseum Collection



  1. Lara Favaretto, Thinking Head: Clandestine Talks 2017– ongoing
    Lara FavarettoThinking Head: Clandestine Talks
  2. Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz, still from "Moving Backwards", 2019, Choreography/performance: Julie Cunningham, Werner Hirsch, Latifa La bissi, Marbles Jumbo Radio, Nach
    The Illusion of the EndMudam Performance Season
  3. You’ll Find Your Peace with MeMudam Collection Online Screening Programme
  4. Contact TracingMudam Collection Online Screening Programme
  5. Radio DisasterThe Climate Change Series
  6. Vue de l’exposition "Enfin seules. Photographies de la collection Archive of Modern Conflict", 01.05 – 19.09.2021, Mudam Luxembourg
    Enfin seulesPhotographs from the Archive of Modern Conflict
  7. Vue de l'exposition "William Kentridge. More Sweetly Play the Dance", 13.02 – 30.08.2021, Mudam Luxembourg
    William KentridgeMore Sweetly Play the Dance


  1. Vue de l'exposition "Cabrita / Cerith Wyn Evans. The Mudam Collection and Pinault Collection in Dialogue", Mudam Luxembourg, 12.12.2020 – 05.04.2021
  2. Me, FamilyOnline
  3. Vue de l'exposition "Leonor Antunes. joints, voids and gaps", 10.10.2020 – 05.04.2021, Mudam Luxembourg
    Leonor Antunesjoints, voids and gaps
  4. Vue de l'exposition "Charlotte Posenenske: Work in Progress", 10.10.2020 – 10.01.2021, Mudam Luxembourg
    Charlotte PosenenskeWork in Progress
  5. Vue de l'exposition "Portrait of a Young Planet. Mudam Collection", 26.09.2020 – 21.03.2021, Mudam Luxembourg
    Portrait of a Young PlanetCollection presentation
  6. Vue de l'exposition "Giulia Cenci. Mudam Collection", 12.09.2020 – 17.01.2021, Mudam Luxembourg
    Giulia CenciCollection presentation
  7. Hier, Aujourd’hui, DemainCollection display
  8. Christian Marclay. Video QuartetCollection presentation
  9. Fiona Tan. IslandCollection presentation
  10. Thomas Hirschhorn, "Flugplatz Welt/World Airport", 1999. Collection Mudam, Acquisition 2000. Vue de l’exposition au Mudam, 21.11.2012 – 26.05.2013
    Thomas Hirschhorn. Flugplatz Welt/World AirportCollection presentation
  11. Jean-Marie Biwer, "Ciel Nr 3", 2008
    Jean-Marie BiwerD’après nature
  12. Vue de l’exposition "Robert Morris. The Perceiving Body", 08.02.2020 — 26.04.2020, Mudam Luxembourg
    The Perceiving BodyRobert Morris
  13. Vue de l’exposition "Anri Sala. Le Temps coudé", 11.10.2019 – 05.01.2020, Mudam Luxembourg
    Anri SalaThe Last Resort


  1. Vue de l'exposition "David Wojnarowicz. History Keeps Me Awake at Night", 26.10.2019 – 09.02.2020, Mudam Luxembourg
    David WojnarowiczHistory Keeps Me Awake at Night
  2. Vue de l’exposition "Anri Sala. Le Temps coudé", 11.10.2019 – 05.01.2020, Mudam Luxembourg
    Anri SalaLe Temps coudé
  3. Vue de l'exposition "Mudam Collection. Le Monde en mouvement", 21.09.2019 – 13.04.2020, Mudam Luxembourg
    Worlds in MotionCollection presentation
  4. Vue de l’exposition "Mudam Collection. Donations et dépôts récents", 21.09.2019 – 13.04.2020, Mudam Luxembourg
    Recent Donations and Long-Term LoansCollection presentation
  5. Suki Seokyeong Kang, "Grandmother Tower – tow #18-01, 2018. Collection Mudam Luxembourg", Donation 2018 – Baloise Group
    Suki Seokyeong KangCollection presentation
  6. Etel Adnan, "Untitled", 2010. Collection Sfeir-Semler Gallery, Beirut | Hamburg
    Etel Adnan et les modernesEtel Adnan
  7. Vivian Suter. NisyrosCollection presentation
  8. Fresh Window. Mudam Collection in the CityCollection presentation
  9. La Toya Ruby Frazier, "Aunt Midgie and Grandma Ruby", 2007. Série "The Notion Of Family", Collection Pinault
    LaToya Ruby FrazierPhotography exhibition
  10. Danh VoThe Mudam Collection and Pinault Collection in dialogue
  11. Bert Theis, From "Fight Specific Isola to Isola Utopia", 2015. Collection Mariette Schiltz
    Bert TheisBuilding Philosophy – Cultivating Utopia
  12. Bert Theis. KB Project, 2004. Collection Mariette Schiltz
    ArcipelagoBert Theis
  13. Vue de l’exposition Jutta Koether, Tour de Madame, 16.02.2019 - 12.05.2019, Mudam Luxembourg
    Jutta KoetherTour de Madame
  14. Service présenté dans l’exposition de services chorégraphiques "Adam Linder: Full Service", 06.02 – 03.03.2019,  Mudam Luxembourg. "Service n°1: Some Cleaning". Performeur : Brooke Stamp
    Adam LinderFull Service
  15. Vue de l'exposition "Figures sensibles. Photographies de la Collection Mudam" | Roland Fischer, "O T L A Portraits", 1991 | Collection Mudam Luxembourg | Acquisition 2002
    Subjects of Life. Photography in the Mudam CollectionCollection presentation
  16. Nairy Baghramian, "Beliebte Stellen/Privileged Points", 2017. Vue d’installation, Mudam Luxembourg, 2019
    Privileged PointsNairy Baghramian


  1. Bruno Peinado. Good Stuff, The Pleasure PrincipleCollection presentation
  2. Hella Jongerius & Louise Schouwenberg
    Beyond the NewGroup exhibition
  3. Œuvre présentée dans l’exposition Jeff Wall . Appearance, Mudam Luxembourg, 2018-2019
    Jeff WallAppearance
  4. Stan Douglas Le Détroit, 1999-2000
    Stan DouglasMudam Collection
  5. Elmar Trenkwalder  WVZ 221, 2009  Terre cuite émaillée
    Art & CraftCollection presentation
  6. Bernard Frize Extension 2, 1990 Acrylique et résine sur toile 240 x 220 cm
    Paintings From The 1980s And 1990sCollection presentation
  7. Paintings of the 1980s and 1990sCollection presentation
  8. Œuvre présentée dans le cadre de l’exposition Susumu Shingu . Spaceship, Mudam Luxembourg, 2018
    Susumu ShinguSpaceship
  9. Royalty-free images to be used exclusively for press on Mudam
    Katinka BockSmog | Tomorrow’s Sculpture
  10. Vue de l’exposition No Man’s Land . Espaces naturels, Terrains d’expérimentation, Mudam Luxembourg, 2018
    No Man's Land. Natural Spaces, Testing GroundsGroup exhibition
  11. Sarah Sze. Fixed Points Finding a HomeCollection presentation
  12. Œuvre présentée dans l’exposition João Penalva, Mudam Luxembourg, 2018
    João PenalvaJoão Penalva


  1. Su-Mei TseNested
  2. Œuvres présentées dans l’exposition Flatland / Abstractions narratives #2, 07.10.2017 - 15.04.2018, Mudam Luxembourg
    Flatland | Abstractions Narratives #2Mudam Collection
  3. Martin Eder
    Martin EderPsychic
  4. Mary Reid Kelley  The Syphilis of Sisyphus, 2011
    Mary Reid KelleyMary Reid Kelley & Patrick Kelley
  5. Lucia Nimcová Double Coding, 2008-2009
    Double CodingCollection presentation
  6. Ad Reinhardt  Untitled, 1943
    Hard to PictureAd Reinhardt
  7. Vue de l’exposition Darren Almond . Timescape, 11.02.2017 – 14.05.2017, Mudam Luxembourg
    Darren AlmondTimescape
  8. Samuel Gratacap Sans titre 031, série Empire, camp de réfugiés de Choucha, 2012-2014
    Samuel GratacapEmpire
  9. Tony Cragg
    Tony CraggMonographic exhibition


  1. Cristina Lucas Clockwise, 2016 (détail)
    Cristina LucasTrading Transcendence
  2. Work presented in the exhibition Tempting Art . Maurizio Galante & Tal Lancman, Mudam Luxembourg, 02.07.2016 - 19.09.2016
    Maurizio Galante et Tal LancmanTempting Art
  3. Wim Delvoye Chapelle, 2006
    Wim DelvoyeWim Delvoye
  4. Maarten Baas  Sweepers Clock, 2009
    Design City LuxembourgDesign is (Not) Art
  5. Vue de l’exposition Quiz 2 - sur une idée de Robert Stadler, 20.02.2016 - 22.05.2016, Mudam Luxembourg
    Quiz 2 – Sur une idée de Robert StadlerDesign City
  6. Damien DeroubaixPicasso and Me
  7. Royalty-free images to be used exclusively for press on Mudam
    Sarah OppenheimerS – 399390
  8. Beatrice Gibson Solo for Rich Man, 2015
    Beatrice Gibson. Solo for Rich ManCollection presentation
  9. Royalty-free images to be used exclusively for press on Mudam
    Fiona TanGeography of Time


  1. Collection Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Mudam Luxembourg
    Eppur Si MuoveArt and Technology, A Shaped Sphere
  2. Jean-Marie BiwerLes Faïences de Moustiers
  3. David AltmejdFlux
  4. Franz Erhard WaltherArchitektur Mit Weichem Kern
  5. Catherine LorentD.O.O.M – Dedicatio Orientis Occidentis Musicae

Older than 2014

  1. Art & MeCollection presentation
  2. Rui MoreiraI Am a Lost Giant in a Burnt Forest
  3. Solides FragilesMudam Collection
  4. Damage Control : Art and Destruction Since 1950Mudam Collection
  5. Many dreamsMartine Feipel & Jean Bechameil
  6. István Csákány. BernsteinzimmerCollection presentation
  7. Patrick Jouin. Audiolab 1Collection presentation
  8. Heimo ZobernigHeimo Zobernig
  9. Design City 2014 – LXBG BiennaleInto The Process
  10. Never For Money, Always For LoveGroup exhibition
  11. NY – LuxEdward Steichen Award 2004 –2014
  12. Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. Audiolab 2Collection presentation
  13. Lee BulLee Bul
  14. Elmar TrenkwalderCollection presentation
  15. Chen Chieh – JenFactory, The Route, Empire’s Borders I & II
  16. J’ouvre les yeux et tu es làCollection presentation
  17. Laurent Massaloux. Audiolab 3Collection presentation
  18. Yuri SuzukiLooks Like Music
  19. Lutz & GuggisbergThe Forest
  20. Thea DjordjadzeOur Full
  21. Robert Knoth & Antoinette de Jong Poppy - Trails of Afghan Heroin, 2012
    Robert Knoth & Antoinette de JongPoppy – Trails of Afghan Heroin
  22. L’Image PapillonMudam Collection
  23. Folkert de JongActus Tragicus
  24. Art Orienté Objet. Unrooted TreeCollection presentation
  25. Katinka Bock. Atlantic, PersonneCollection presentation
  26. Dieu est un fumeur de HavanesCollection presentation
  27. Thomas Hirschhorn. Flugplatz Welt/World AirportCollection presentation
  28. Michel PaysantOnlab
  29. Atelier Luxembourg | The Venice Biennale Projects 1988 – 2011Mudam Collection
  30. Les MSensorium
  31. Emily BatesThe Sky is glowing with the setting sun
  32. Filipa César
    Filipa César1975
  33. Simon EvansHow to be alone when you live with someone
  34. Steven C. HarveyVehicles
  35. Sanja IvekovićWaiting for the revolution
  36. Design City 2012Mudam Collection
  37. Les Détours de l'abstractionCollection presentation
  38. FabricaNext Cabane and Riot Act
  39. Maurizio Galante et Tal LancmanTransversal Design | Haute Couture – Design – Architecture
  40. Tina GillenPlayground
  41. Børre SæthreUntitled (Wardenclyffe Tower)
  42. Victor ManVictor Man
  43. Sarah Sze. Fixed Points Finding a HomeCollection presentation
  44. I’ve dreamt aboutCollection presentation
  45. Mondes inventés, Mondes habitésMudam Collection
  46. Recovering – Soundscapes & ViewsMudam Collection
  47. Thomas PauszHortus Praxis
  48. Out of storage III. ReplayCollection presentation
  49. Melvin Moti The Black Room, 2005
    Melvin MotiThe inner self in outer space
  50. Mac Adams Fury, 1976
    Mac AdamsMac Adams
  51. John StezakerJohn Stezaker
  52. Pascale Marthine TayouBlack Forest
  53. Walking Through...Collection presentation
  54. Out-of-SyncThe paradoxes of time
  55. Suchan KinoshitaStick Empathy
  56. Suzanne LafontSituation Comedy
  57. Premier étage – Second degréCollection presentation
  58. Daniel BurenArchitecture | Contre – Architecture : Transposition | 2010 | Travail in situ
  59. Just Love MeRegard sur une collection privée
  60. Illogical ThoughtsDiagonales : son, vibration et musique dans la collection du Centre national des arts plastiques
  61. Œuvre présentée dans l'exposition Nina Beier et Marie Lund . The Object Lessons
    Nina Beier & Marie LundThe Object Lessons
  62. Attila CsörgőArchimedean Point
  63. Sketches Of SpaceMudam Collection
  64. Y8Performance with the public’s participation
  65. Mudam CollectionCollection presentation
  66. Of our Faces ( And our Bodies )| Of our ArtificialityMudam Collection
  67. Design City Luxembourg – "Edition 0" by MudamMudam Collection
  68. Œuvre présentée dans l'exposition "Le meilleur des mondes (du point de vue de la collection Mudam)", Mudam Luxembourg, 30.01.2010 – 23.05.2010. Sylvie Blocher, "Men in Pink", 2001, Collection Mudam Luxembourg, Donation 2003 – Amis des Musées d’Art et d’Histoire, Luxembourg
    Brave New WorldCollection presentation
  69. Claire BarclayPale Heights
  70. Didier MarcelIt’s a question of admitting that art is not life and that art is always a difference produced between a real thing and its translation
  71. Tomás SaracenoMonographic exhibition
  72. Go East IICollection presentation
  73. Guillaume LeblonSite of Confluence
  74. Out of Storage II. RythmesCollection presentation
  75. Nikolay PolisskyLarge Hadron Collider
  76. Jochen GernerHome
  77. ELO. Inner Exile — Outer LimitsMudam Collection
  78. RRRIPP!! Paper FashionGroup exhibition
  79. Go East ICollection presentation
  80. Laurent Pariente. Sans Titre, Mudam, Luxembourg, 2008Collection presentation
  81. Grayson PerryMy Civilisation
  82. Thomas ScheibitzAbout 90 elements / TOD IM DSCHUNGEL
  83. H BoxGroup exhibition
  84. China Power Station : Part IIIMudam Collection
  85. Candice BreitzBe My Soembody
  86. Out of Storage I : Peintures choisies de la CollectionCollection presentation
  87. Portugal Agora – À propos des lieux d’origineGroup exhibition
  88. Michel Paysant. NusquamCollection presentation
  89. Glenn Ligon: Some ChangesGlenn Ligon
  90. TOMORROW NOW — when design meets science fictionMudam Collection
  91. Sam Baron, "In Black", 2005. Collection Mudam Luxembourg. Vue de l’exposition "Premier étage – Second degré", Mudam Luxembourg, 17.11.2010 – 10.04.2011
    Sam Baron. In BlackCollection presentation
  92. Stefano Bianchi, "Stracci", 2005, Collection Mudam Luxembourg, Donation 2006 – Ada et Simone Schmitt. Exposition au Mudam 04.04 – 01.07.2007
    Stefano Bianchi. StracciCollection presentation
  93. Candice Breitz, "Aiwa to Zen", 2003, Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Candice Breitz. Aiwa to ZenCollection presentation
  94. Steve McQueen, "Illuminer", 2001, Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Steve McQueen. IlluminerCollection presentation
  95. Exposition "Michel Majerus", 09.12.2006 – 07.05.2007, Mudam Luxembourg
    Michel MajerusRetrospective exhibition
  96. William Kentridge, "Zeno Writing", 2002, Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    William Kentridge. Zeno WritingCollection presentation
  97. EldoradoCollection presentation
Marina Abramović, "Video Portrait Gallery", 1975-1998 | Collection Mudam Luxembourg | Acquisition 2001
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