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Vue de l’exposition No Man’s Land . Espaces naturels, Terrains d’expérimentation, Mudam Luxembourg, 2018
No Man’s Land

Natural Spaces, Testing Grounds

Sanctuarization is one of the frequent responses to ecological concerns about natural territories: the desired solution as such, but also one which results from effects induced by military or political situations. These situations, which aim to regulate the impact of the human presence on our planet, strongly modify our cultural imagination. The exhibition No Man's Land brings together around fifteen artists who have outlined a field of study related to this issue and whose work invites us to re-examine our relationship with the natural world.


  • Marie-Noëlle Farcy
    Marion Laval-Jeantet
    Benoît Mangin


Allora & Calzadilla, Art Orienté Objet (Marion Laval-Jeantet et Benoît Mangin), Martha Atienza, Brandon Ballengée, Mel Chin, Mark Dion, Piero Gilardi, Cornelia Hesse-Honegger, Hayoun Kwon, Hélène Lucien et Marc Pallain, Paul Rosero Contreras