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Work presented in the exhibition Tempting Art . Maurizio Galante & Tal Lancman, Mudam Luxembourg, 02.07.2016 - 19.09.2016
Maurizio Galante et Tal Lancman

Tempting Art

“Don’t play with your food!” – the admonishment we’ve often heard in our childhood is cheerfully brushed aside in this project; what happens when we take cooking out of the kitchen and into the world of design? The kitchen becomes a playground for celebrating “foodies”.

For Valcucine, Maurizio Galante & Tal Lancman invited twenty-two guests to respond to one challenge: to each concoct a dish. Borrowing omnivorously from multiple media, architects, advertising creatives, photographers, painters, industrial designers, as well as artists specialising in edible art, the project rounds up a full set of flavours, comprising a three course imaginary culinary menu, to be devoured firstly with the eyes, it provides food for thought.


  • Anna Loporcaro

Featuring works by:
Benoît & Bo
Bettina Beylerian
Shane Bradford
Gabriele Centazzo
Roberto Capucci
Julien Carreyn
Miguel Chevalier
Valentina Cortese
Maurizio Galante & Tal Lancman
Massimo Gammacurta
Yayoi Kusama
Pierre La Police
Pini Leibovich
Erina Matsui
Barbara Pala
Simone Perrotte
Gaetano Pesce
Dorothée Selz
Antonio Taormina
Arlette Vermeiren
Jean-Michel Wilmotte