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Art & Me

Mudam Collection

Art? Me? These are two concepts rather difficult to seize. If we can’t define neither one nor the other, then maybe the answer lies in the “&”? What is our connection to art? Why do we take the time for contemplation? Does an answer to the question of why we look at art, give us clues about the stakes of contemporary art or even about ourselves?

A fire, seats, bookcases, wallpaper, a photograph of a mother, a painting that doesn’t fit above the couch… in a scenography reminiscent of a home rather than a gallery, you will find the artworks melting in with the interior. Art & Me invites you to make yourself at home and to spend some time among a selection of artworks from the Mudam Collection.


  • Cindy Einsweiler, Nadine Erpelding, Stina Fisch, Danielle Stammet, Valérie Tholl


Stefano Bianchi, Jean-Marie Biwer ,Miguel Branco ,Tony Cragg,Jose Dávila,Jürgen Drescher,Jochen Gerner ,Marco Godinho,Liquid Penguin Ensemble,Jean-Christophe Massinon,Mathieu Mercier,Roman Ondák ,Martin Parr,Frédéric Prat,Tobias Putrih,Thomas Ruff,Joe Scanlan,Cindy Sherman,Wolfgang Tillmans,Su-Mei Tse