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Me, Family


Me, Family is an extensive project comprising Mudam Collection displays, events, a publication and the online platform presenting works by twenty-three artists from thirteen countries. It draws inspiration from the iconic exhibition The Family of Man curated by Edward Steichen (b. 1879, Bivange – d. 1973, West Redding) which aimed to present humankind as a family through the medium of photography. Originally presented at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, in 1955, the exhibition toured to over 150 museums worldwide from 1955 to 1962, and has been on permanent display at Clervaux Castle in Luxembourg since 1994.

Me, Family addresses topical issues that relate to the flow of information and data in our globalised society. Never before have we lived in a time that is so frenetically connected and under such complete and continuous surveillance. The artists featured in this platform variously confront this complex reality, interpreting it through their diverse practices.

The project is intended as a portrait of humanity at the beginning of the 21st century, reflecting on diverse subjects from technological progress, digital innovation, pleasure, fun and individuality to the darker aspects of alienation, social inequality, war and identity crises. Me, Family traverses the ordinary and extraordinary, entering public and private spheres, reality and fiction, via an intricate network of subjects.

Through the online platform we invite each visitor to become a real-time avatar, a virtual entity that can interact with both artworks and other visitors. We invite you to immerse yourself in the artworks, presented here in a hitherto unseen format, and to engage with the associated programme that utilises the platform as a space for debate.


  • Francesco Bonami, Emanuela Mazzonis di Pralafera and Luigi Alberto Cippini

Concept of the platform:
  • Base Design Brussels

Media Partners:
  • RTL, Luxembourg Times, Beaux Arts Magazine, Mousse Magazine

  • Doug Aitken
    Sophia Al Maria
    Yuri Ancarani
    Darren Bader
    Lara Baladi
    Clément Cogitore
    Christian Falsnaes
    Harun Farocki
    Simon Fujiwara
    Ga Ram Kim
    Olia Lialina
    Karolina Markiewicz & Pascal Piron
    Eva & Franco Mattes
    Li Ming
    Mario Pfeifer
    Wong Ping
    Cheng Ran
    Cindy Sherman
    Marianna Simnett
    Rudolf Stingel
    Jordan Wolfson

Me, Family Talks:
Mudam Collection Displays: