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H Box

Group exhibition

Mudam is hosting H Box, an original project from Hermès intended to travel between several museums around the world. After the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Musac in León, H Box is now presented at Mudam Luxembourg before leaving for the Tate Modern in London and the Yokohama-Triennale in Japan. In a productive-innovative spirit, Hermès created H Box, both an annual commission of video art works, and a travelling screening space. Created by the artist, architect and designer, Didier Fiuza Faustino, H Box is a work of art in itself, a sort of mobile and functional “camera obscura”. The programme of video works has been entrusted to Benjamin Weil, director of Artists Space in New York. For this first edition, the choice has fallen upon eight very diverse, upcoming artists.
Consisting of two entirely collapsible modules constructed of aluminium and Plexiglas, H Box can be assembled, disassembled and transported as required. Raised 30 cm above the ground on its adjustable feet and swivel wheels, it might look as if it were taking off were it not for the gangway that offers access to the interior. The principal facade, entirely transparent, is more than a window or an invitation to enter: an eye on the world, a direct access to light, it makes H Box a private space open to the images around. The cutting-edge sound and image technology draws viewers deep into the projected art.


  • Benjamin Weil

Artists + video artworks:
  • Shahryar Nashat, Plaque (Slab), 2007
    Dora García, Film (Hôtel Wolfers), 2007
    Yael Bartana, Mary-Koszmary, 2007
    Judit Kurtág, Midway, 2007
    Valérie Mréjen, Bulles, 2007
    Alice Anderson, Bluebeard, 2007
    Sebastián Diaz Morales, Oracle, 2007

A nomadic screening room conceived and produced by Hermès