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Go East I

Collection presentation

With the support of KBL European Private Bankers, Mudam launched in 2007 the multiannual programme Go East, aiming to put together a collection of works by artists originating from Eastern Europe. Without restricting itself to the “new” member states of the European Union, this project aims to cover a vast geographical area, stretching from the Baltic States to the Caucasus, from Russia to Central Asia. The current exhibition is an opportunity to provide an interim review of this ambitious programme and to present two works already acquired thanks to the fund: Dubbing (2001) by Roman Ondák and Lemniscate (2007) by Zilvinas Kempinas.

The exhibition is also linked to the Collector’s Corner programme, which highlights the manifold relationships Mudam fosters with private collectors.


Mudam Collection supported by KBL European Private Bankers