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Design City 2012

Mudam Collection

Design City 2012 is presenting a series of events - including 6 exhibitions, a symposium and a designers’ market, under the watchword “design”. Cultural centres, merchants, a museum and a gallery are all participating. The project’s ambition is to promote design in the various disciplines it touches, but above all to reveal the work of numerous designers to the broad public, novices and professionals alike.

The opening exhibition INDEX: Award, will remain on display in the public space for a month offering a view of the finalists’ work. Three structures by architects Greg Lynn and Christian Ditlev Bruun will house 22 projects, open to free or guided visits.

Also in the public space, Chat Zone, initiated by designer Guido Wolff, will invite passers-by to consider communication among strangers by means of installations that provoke spontaneous contact, from 13 April to 3 June.

Emergenc(e)(y) will take place at the CarréRotondes from 27 April to 3 June. This exhibition, which gives the floor to emerging designers, students from various European schools and established Luxembourgish designers, concerns urgent need, be it medical, social, ecological... In all cases, it is the urgency to improve certain aspects of daily life or to take action on problems that can be addressed in the very heart of design.

The three remaining exhibitions are at Mudam. Transversal Designoffers a reflection on design, thanks to the creations of fashion designer Maurizio Galante and trend forecaster Tal Lancman. Next Cabane highlights the nomadic and mobile quality of this famous pliable wooden structure, which has been modified by the designers. The sixth exhibition, The Riot Act will present several works, all different in form as well as function, issuing from the same object, a white cylinder. With the added elements and reinterpretation of each designer, the cylinder becomes a lamp, a vase, a coat rack... proving that design can transform a random object into something indispensable, or at least useful.

Maurizio Galante & Tal Lancman
© Photo: Thomas Deron

But the programme put together by Design City doesn’t stop there! A symposium entitled Turn Me On - Design Hits on Luxembourg, led by designer Sophie Krier, who works in Rotterdam, will take place at Mudam on 27 April. Among other things, it will touch on questions of design’s place in the context of a mainly industrial heritage, or its integration into the corporate world.

Finally, with the aim of showing that design is found everywhere, no matter the environment (functional objects, fashion, accessories, tools...), Mudam is organizing a Designers’ Market on 19 and 20 May. This will also be a chance for the public to meet the designers and get hold of some original creations.

So many events, exhibitions and meetings that demonstrate the transversal nature of design in its presence in a multitude of areas and the inspiration it gives to a myriad of projects. This omnipresence is what makes design much more than a simple form of expression, much more than a creative process: it is an economic as well as educational or cultural vector.

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  • Anna Loporcaro