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Design City Luxembourg – "Edition 0" by Mudam

Mudam Collection

Design City Luxembourg – Edition 0 by Mudam is the essential “design” event in Luxembourg and in the Region. Organised by Mudam in collaboration with the City of Luxembourg, this new event – hence the 0 edition – offers a six-week series of events in honor of industrial and urban design, in different parts of the City of Luxembourg.

Other than setting up these events, the aim of Design City Luxembourg is the long-term integration of design as a philosophy of life (and of the city) where design professionals can translate the needs of citizens and merchants. Thus, aspiring to become a “city of design”, means above all being concerned with the well-being of its inhabitants and acting in favour of their quality of life.

Philippe Starck Holly All, 2008
© Courtesy Serralunga Photo: Federica Moglia


“Outdoor Design” Route
23/04 – 06/06/2010

Urban furniture conceived by different international designers, installed along an open-air route and chosen for pertinence, functionality and aesthetic.
Place: Luxembourg City

Real Time by Maarten Baas
23/04 – 06/06/2010

Night screening on the facade of the Musée national d’histoire et d’art Luxembourg of one of the videos produced by the Dutch designer about the perception of time plus a presentation of all his films in the Mudam Medialab.
Places: Musée national d'histoire et d'art Luxembourg and Mudam Medialab

24/04 & 25/04/2010

“Flea market” with an interesting and surprising selection of furniture design from the 20th century for designlovers and casual visitors in an “urban” space set up by the 3RS architect's collective.
Place: Centre Aldringen

Creators' Market
29/05 & 30/05/2010

Young creators present their collections of original objects and jewelry for a period of one weekend.
Place: Mudam Café

Conference Cycle
A series of conferences showing the diversity of designers and their working methods. (Conference presented by Mudam, the non-profit-making organization Design Friends, the Chambre de Commerce and Cercle-Cité).

For complete agenda and conference site info go to or


Luxembourg City
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