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Performance with the public’s participation

Y8 looks at the possibility of establishing the philosophy and practice of yoga within art by transferring it to the architecturally and socially codified context of exhibition spaces. Each session starts with an introductory talk followed by a practice of breathing, postures and relaxation.

How we perceive and experiment an exhibition space and the works of art in it, is a basic point in the practice of the artists' couple Benita-Immanuel Grosser. In their yoga center, they invite each year one artist (Katharina Grosse, Angela Bulloch...) to invest their space of practice, to divert it and allow the participants to establish a privileged bond between the practice of yoga and artistic creation.

Invited in 1995 by the Gallery Pat Hearn in New York, they then decide to develop, under the title Participating, at the same time, yoga lessons amongst the works of art on display. It is the beginning of a series of interventions in various art venues.

© Photos : Mudam Luxembourg, 2010

Through meditation and relaxation, a new, temporary place is created, gradually blurring the border between body and space. With the rise of concentration and body control, physical sensations mingle with the perception of the environment. Without intervention neither on the architecture nor on the scenography of the space, the participants take on a process of widening of existing space. Thus its perception, like that of works of art, changes. The only visible trace of these meetings: a white grid spread on the ground, corresponding to place of the mats of the participants.

© Photos : Mudam Luxembourg, 2010


  • Nadine Erpelding
    Stina Fisch


Benita-Immanuel Grosser