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Suchan Kinoshita

Stick Empathy

Nothing is ever fixed in Suchan Kinoshita’s practice. Her protean work constantly develops and transforms itself through accumulated experiments. The artist considers each exhibition as a fragment of a whole of which she controls neither the limits nor the outcome.

Vue de l’exposition Suchan Kinoshita. Stick Empathy
© Photo : Andrés Lejona

Although linked together by the will and desires of the artist, her pieces are rich in unexpected connotations and can be seen differently according to the specific context and the passage of time, rather like a message transmitted by Chinese whispers that ends up retaining only a vague echo of its original meaning, but without being completely devoid of it.

For her exhibition at Mudam, Suchan Kinoshita uses elements of previous installations combined with found objects or objects specially made for this occasion. The space at her disposition becomes a place of passage and encounters where each of us is invited to interpret our own sensations and to think about the propositions on offer by relying on personal references. The artist herself inscribes her work within an open temporality: Stick Empathy is part of a journey initiated almost twenty years ago and we witness its current progress, as it happens.

Suchan Kinoshita was born in 1960 in Japan. She lives and works in Maastricht.
She first studied at the Musikhochschule in Cologne and went on to the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht. She began to work for the theatre, as an actress, director and as a decorator. This experience, as well as her musical background, are perceptible in her interdisciplinary installations which are regularly displayed on an international level since the end of the 1980s, in contexts such as the 4thBiennale of Istanbul (1995), the 11thBiennale of Sydney(1998), Skulptur Projekte Münster (2007) and the 7thBiennale of Shanghai (2008).

Significant monographic exhibitions were presented, for example, at the White Cube, London, at the Museum of Modern Art City of Paris / ARC, at the M HKA, Antwerp and at the Ludwig Museum, Cologne.

Suchan Kinoshita was the winner of the 1992 Prix de Rome. In 2010 the Ludwig Museum in Cologne and Kinoshita received the “Kunstpreis des Kuratoriums der Kunststoff-Industrie” (Fine Arts Prize of the Board of Trustees of the Plastics Industry). This prize made the solo exhibition In 10 Minuten possible.


  • Enrico Lunghi