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Never For Money, Always For Love

Group exhibition

Curated by Anna Loporcaro and Portuguese designer Bruno Carvalho within the framework of Design City 2014, the exhibition Never for Money, Always for Love questions the validity of the methodologies and traditional production methods employed in the field of design to meet new challenges posed by the contemporary political and social context, including the economic crisis and dwindling natural resources. Conceived as a platform for exchange between two art scenes, the exhibition brings together fourteen designers from Portugal and Luxembourg in the Henry J. and Erna D. Leir Pavilion at Mudam, who, by integrating a critical and responsible approach into their design practice, are reinventing modes of creation and production.


Within the framework of:
  • Design City 2014 – LXBG Biennale

  • Bruno Carvalho, Anna Loporcaro

  • Ana Rita António
    Bruno Carvalho
    David Richiuso & Anne Genvo
    Bernardo Gaeiras
    Gilles Gardula
    Anne-Marie Herckes
    Les M Studio
    Maurice + Paula
    Daniela Pais
    Rui Pereira
    Lynn Schammel (Socialmatter)
    Susana Soares
    João Valente