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Maarten Baas  Sweepers Clock, 2009
Design City Luxembourg

Design is (Not) Art

Devised as a laboratory of ideas and concerned with the the question of design in public space and its integration into our daily lives, the Design City biennial offers the public a range of events and actions in order to discover the different facets of design.

As a platform for experimentation, this year’s festival goes under the provocative title design is (not) art. The fourth edition of the biennial questioned the links between design and art and the place of these two fields in an “ultraconnected” society. Through four urban interventions, four indoor exhibitions, plus conferences and educational workshops, Design City 2016 offers a wide range of rich and ambitious events.

After Royal Aldringen and Kinnékswiss, Design City 2016 is engaging with the station area. As Rue de Strasbourg is known for its multiculturalism but is also accused of bringing together all the deadly sins of the city in one neighborhood, the goal is to bounce off the actions already undertaken by the City of Luxembourg and to create links via a social cohesion project. In continuation of the rue de Strasbourg, Design City will intervene around the station, the gateway to Luxembourg City and the passage that leads to the Bonnevoie district.


In collaboration with:
  • Ville de Luxembourg

  • Anna Loporcaro (Mudam)
    Anouk Wies, Elsa and Gilles Gardula (Cercle Cité / In Progress)
    Kevin Muhlen and Benjamin Loyauté (Casino / Le Bruit des Bonbons - The Astounding Eyes of Syria)
    Steph Meyers (Rotondes)
    Nadine Clemens (Design Friends)
    Hans Fellner (projet #lookinbetween)
    Patrizia Luchetta, Tali Cohen-Anderson and Anne Bugugnani (DZining the Timeline - Inclusive design for the elderly)