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Out of storage III. Replay

Collection presentation

We are forever reconstructing our reality by (re)interpreting our perceptions. (Hi)stories are written and myths are created from events whose marks become icons.

So we understand the world through its mediatisation, and at times, nay, often, its over-mediatisation. This supposed readability of reality is above all the result of a montage whose presentation is overlaid on our direct perceptions, and from this confusion we make our reference to the real. Greek tragedy, way back, re-enacted the events creating it; history painting remains an assertion; and film has the capacity to distort and retouch our memory.

Replay is thus concerned with the porousness between documentary, fiction and screenplay, as well as the shifts and confusions that they cause in the spectator.

© photogramme et courtesy : Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard et Kate MacGarry, Londres