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Laure Tixier, "Plaid Houses", 2008. Série de 5 sculptures. Feutre. Production et Collection Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Mudam Luxembour. Acquisition 2008. Vue de l’exposition "Laure Tixier. Plaid Houses", Mudam Luxembourg, 18.12.2008 – 20.04.2009 © Photo : Andrés Lejona | Mudam Luxembourg
Laure Tixier. Plaid Houses

Collection presentation

Questions of habitat, architecture and city planning run through the works of Laure Tixier. Through her sculptures, drawings and videos, the artist displays her particular interest in the utopias that have accompanied the development of human societies, by revisiting them with humour and playing with countless references taken from the history of art, architecture or human sciences. A further characteristic of her work is the manner in which it combines different periods with a great degree of freedom. In this context, tracing through the territories of childhood, a recurring theme in her work, enables different levels of interpretation to emerge, oscillating between wonder, irony and a critical look at the world.

Plaid Houses inaugurates the Habiter project, a series of commissions for the Grand Hall of the museum presented throughout 2009.


  • Marie-Claude Beaud

In collaboration with:
  • Musée du Feutre, Mouzon (France)