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Enfin seules

Photographs from the Archive of Modern Conflict

Enfin seules (alone at last) presents a selection of over two hundred images from the Archive of Modern Conflict. Established in London in 1992, the Archive describes itself as ‘a repository for the lost and forgotten stories that lie hidden in the photographic record’. Initially focusing on ‘conflict, it has grown into something more resembling a laboratory than a traditional archive’. Today it is one of the largest collections of photography in the world, comprising over eight million images and producing books and exhibitions that span a multitude of genres.

Presenting photographs from across several continents and a period spanning 140 years, Enfin seules offers a fresh look at the photography of the natural world, revelling in the diversity and individual character of its subjects. The exhibition reflects the eclectic interests of the Archive, drawing on images from the mid-nineteenth century to the 1970s to imagine a world where all animal and insect life has disappeared from Earth.

Conceived as an immersive environment organised around a central, cavernous space, the galleries will be wallpapered with photographs from the Archive. Images of flora, fungi, tree-trunks, ferns, roots, stalagmites and aurorae are enlarged to form a panorama of plants, rocks and light that provide the backdrop for an array of recent and historical prints. Spanning several generations of photography and encompassing various processes and techniques, images by renowned artists and photographers as well as figures from the history of botany, astronomy, mathematics and science are presented alongside those of amateur enthusiasts or unknown figures.

The Archive of Modern Conflict has held exhibitions at PHotoESPAÑA, Madrid (2018); Les Rencontres d’Arles (2017 and 2018); Tate Modern (2014), Hayward Gallery, London (2013), The Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto (2013) and Paris Photo (2012). Their award-winning imprint, AMC Books, has published over seventy books and regularly publishes the journal AMC2.

European Month of Photography (EMOP) is a network of photography festivals taking place every two years in Berlin, Lisbon, Luxembourg, Paris and Vienna. The collaboration seeks to strengthen the international photography scene by promoting partnerships, exchange and support for young artists. The European Month of Photography in Luxembourg is organised by Café-Crème asbl.

Including photographs by:
Anna Atkins (b. 1799, Tonbridge; d. 1871, Halstead), Paul Marcellin Berthier (b. 1822, Paris; d. 1912, Paris), Brassaï (b. 1899, Brașov; d. 1984, Beaulieu-sur-Mer), Adolphe Braun (b. 1812, Besançon; d. 1877, Dornach), Fred Payne Clatworthy (b. 1875, Dayton; d. 1953, Estes Park), Thomas Joshua Cooper (b. 1946, San Francisco), William Craven (b. 1809, London; d. 1866, Scarborough), Maxim Petrovich Dmitriev (b. 1858, Povalichino; d. 1948 Nizhny Novgorod), Henry John Elwes (b. 1846, Cheltenham; d. 1922, Cheltenham), Dmitri Yermakov (b. 1845, Tbilisi; d. 1916, Tbilisi), Amelia Elizabeth Gimingham (b. 1833, London; d. 1918, Axbridge), Fay Godwin (b. 1931, Berlin; d. 2005, Hastings), Dr. Conrad Theodore Green (b. 1863, Kirkburton; d. 1940, Birkenhead), Petr Helbich (b. 1929, Prague), John Karl Hillers (b. 1843, Hanover; d. 1925, Washington), Frederick Hollyer (b. 1838, London; d. 1933, Blewbury), Bertha Jaques (b. 1863, Covington; d. 1941, Chicago), Edward Dukinfield Jones (b. 1848, Derby; d. 1938, Los Angeles), August Kotzsch (b. 1836, Dresden; d. 1910, Dresden), Axel Lindahl (b. 1841, Mariestad; d. 1906, Södertälje), Lee Miller (b. 1907, Poughkeepsie; d. 1977, Chiddingly), Paul-Émile Miot (b. 1827, Trinidad; d. 1900, Paris), Charles Nègre (b. 1820, Grasse; d. 1880 Grasse), Ferdinand Quénisset (b. 1872, Paris; d. 1951, Juvisy-sur-Orge), Willy Ronis (b. 1910, Paris; d. 2009, Paris), Jaroslav Rössler (b. 1902, Smilov; d. 1990 Prague), José María Sert (b. 1874, Barcelona; d. 1945, Barcelona), Carlo Baldassare Simelli (b. 1811, Stroncone; d. after 1877), Fredrick Carl Størmer (b. 1874, Skien; d. 1957, Oslo), Josef Sudek (b. 1896, Kolín; d. 1976, Prague), Graham Sutherland (b. 1903, London; d. 1980, London), Eugen Wiškovský (b. 1888, Dvůr Králové nad Labem; d. 1964, Prague) and Shikanosuke Yagaki (b. 1897, Kyoto; d. 1966).


Exhibition Concept:
  • Timothy Prus (Archive of Modern Conflict)

  • Timothy Prus
    Assisted by Ed Jones, Luce Lebart, Giulia Shah, and Michelle Wilson

    Michelle Cotton
    Assisted by Sarah Beaumont, and Christophe Gallois

Exhibition Design:
  • Polaris Architects

The exhibition is conceived by the Archive of Modern Conflict for Mudam on the occasion of the European Month of Photography (EMOP).