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Jürgen Drescher

The ironically titled work, Zu groß für über's Sofa (Too big to go over the sofa, 1984), by Jürgen Drescher (b. 1955, Karlsruhe) employs the vinyl flooring from the artist's kitchen, transforming an essentially prosaic material into an abstract work. Despite its obvious mass, the chosen hanging system gives the impression of a floating or lightweight object. Referring to both painting and sculpture, the artist adopts a found object, recontextualising it in a different environment and assigning it a new function. The title underscores the artist's intention to elude conventional sites of artistic contemplation, referring humorously to a domestic setting for a cherished artwork or picture.


  1. Jürgen Drescher Zu groß für über's Sofa, 1984

    Couverture de sol en PVC sur structure en aluminium
    150 x 450 x 18 cm
    Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Acquisition 2008
    © Photos : Andrés Lejona

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