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Pedro Cabrita Reis

Pedro Cabrita Reis (1956) mainly uses recycled materials which are put together to create new ensembles in which emotions, memory and silence always play a role. His installation À propos des lieux d’origine #1 (2005), is a poetic interaction of “poor”, recycled building materials (steel, brick), illuminated neon tubes and the connecting cables. Their arrangement, which is adapted to suit the exhibition room, underlines a number of contrasts: the functionality of the room is offset by the poetic nature of the installation, the artificially constructed architecture of the deconstructed and then reconstructed assembly. The exhibition room thus becomes a space for thoughts in which the installation can be perceived as part of a greater whole which it only touches incidentally.


  1. Pedro Cabrita Reis À propos des lieux d’origine #1, 2005

    Iron steel, brick, neon
    51 x 935 x 740 cm
    Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Acquisition 2006
    © Photos: Andrés Lejona

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