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Sending unsolicited portfolios and exhibition proposals

Mudam is an international museum and its programming, anchored in the most contemporary production and aimed at reflecting the diversity of artistic practice, is the result of active curatorial research. Most exhibitions are the result of invitations made by the museum to artists and curators, and collaborations initiated with museums worldwide.

As such, and despite an interest in discovering new artistic practices, Mudam leaves little space in its programming for spontaneous exhibition proposals from artists and independent curators.

If you wish to send a portfolio or an exhibition project and are not familiar with Mudam, we invite you to first consult past exhibitions featured on our website in order to have a clearer idea of the artistic orientation of the museum.

Mudam has no commercial vocation. Neither the sale nor the expertise of artworks are part of its mission.

Portfolios or exhibition projects can be sent to the following addresses:

By post
Mudam Luxembourg
Curatorial Department
3, Park Dräi Eechelen
L-1499 Luxembourg

By email

Please use the following phrase as a subject line: “Portfolio/Exhibition Proposal for the attention of the curatorial department”.

Choices regarding the content and the format of your dossier are at your discretion. We nevertheless prefer concise dossiers that are able to transmit the essence of a practice or project in a few pages, and do not accept original artwork. Sending voluminous writings is not recommended.

Given the large number of applications received, the Mudam curatorial department is not able to provide a personalized response to all proposals nor to return dossiers sent by post. We will nevertheless consider your case carefully and will not hesitate to make contact with you if your proposal is relevant to our future programming.