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A museum for everyone


Mudam aims to guarantee a pleasant visit to an audience as wide as possible. That is why we actively work towards creating an inclusive and barrier-free museum and focus on accustoming visitors with functional requirements. In order to best plan your visit to our museum, you can contact our Publics Department anytime.

Accessible language

You can find information about the museum and our offers in german simple and accessible language in a booklet available at the museum and as a download.

Simple and accessible language museum guide.
© Photo : Mudam Luxembourg

For mobility impaired visitors

Coming from the Place de l'Europe
A path leads directly from the Place de l'Europe, behind the Philharmonie building, to the museum. At the end of the Place de l'Europe there is also an elevator going down to the entrance of the Park Dräi Eechelen. From here, you just need to follow the road for a few meters before reaching the entrance of the Park Dräi Eechelen and the museum.

Coming by car
A public underground car park is located near the entrance to the Park Dräi Eechelen. The maximum height of the underground car park is 2 metres, so any vehicle not exceeding 2 metres in height can enter the car park. Several places are reserved for people with a mobility impairment in this parking. Private buses cannot enter the parking. They should leave visitors at the entrance of the Park Dräi Eechelen, and use one of the surrounding open car parks (Glacis or Foire) until the end of the visit. A parking space located in front of the Schuman building in the Park Dräi Eechelen is reserved for our visitors with reduced mobility. It must be reserved prior to the visit with the Publics Department.

Access to the museum
Mudam is accessible by wheelchair. There are no stairs on the way between the entrance to the Park Dräi Eechelen and the museum. Access to the museum is granted through the main door for all visitors.

Mobility in the museum
All the museum spaces can be accessed by wheelchair, except for one small room in the basement of the pavilion (called Medialab). The exhibition rooms are spread over three levels (0, -1, 1). All floors can be accessed by elevator. Due to changing exhibitions, some gallery spaces could be less accessible than others. However, accommodating all visitors is one of our primary concerns. That is why we always make sure that all the gallery spaces can be viewed by all visitors.

Wheelchair loan
On request, two manual wheelchairs are made available to visitors at the reception desk. No prior booking is required.

Group visits

Be it during a free or guided tour, we advise large groups to split, in order for their visit to be of the highest standard possible. For safety reasons, the number of wheelchairs is limited to 5–8 per group, depending on the exhibition. To discover Mudam's exhibitions with a mediator, beforehand booking is required. Please tell us then, if a person with reduced mobility is part of your group. Group managers and chaperones are invited to check Mudam's premises during a pre-visit, if they think this is necessary. Feel free to contact our Publics Department for further information.

For visitors on the autism spectrum

In light of making the museum accessible to a wide audience, Mudam offers adapted activities for visitors lying on the autistic spectrum. Mudam organises a family discovery day free of charge during which families can enjoy a 45-minute private guided tour to explore the museum and its exhibitions together with an art mediator. To ensure a pleasant visit, the guided tour is adapted to the sensitivities of the visitors with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders). For any questions about prior booking, we invite you to contact our Publics Department which will be more than happy to inform you.

For visually impaired visitors

If exhibitions and artworks allow it, visits for visually impaired people can be organised. These people must, however, be accompanied. Groups are limited to ten persons per mediator (including chaperones).

Guided tours à la carte

If your group includes people with disabilities and requires an adapted organisation, we would be more than happy to plan your visit with you in advance.

For reservations and information
t +352 453785–531