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Katinka Bock

Smog | Tomorrow’s Sculpture

Folding, wrapping, moulding, rubbing, balancing, falling... Katinka Bock's sculptures are made from materials such as clay, stone, wood, copper, bronze or fabric and result from simple gestures that are directly legible in the form of the artwork. Employing physical processes such as heat, evaporation, energy flows and the alteration of materials in the external environment, they often manifest themselves in intermediate, transient or precarious states.


  • Christophe Gallois

  • The exhibitions Katinka Bock . Tomorrow’s Sculpture are co-produced by the Kunst Museum Winterthur, Mudam Luxembourg, and the Institut d’art contemporain, Villeurbanne/Rhône-Alpes.

  • Katinka Bock . Tomorrow’s Sculpture is accompanied by two books published in collaboration with Roma Publications, Amsterdam. An artist’s book, entitled Intenso, has been released in January 2018 as a prelude to the exhibitions. A monograph of the artist will be published in Autumn 2018.