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Yann Leguay & Tarek Atoui | Performance

Mudam Grand Hall
Within the framework of

Tarek Atoui. Waters’ Witness

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Tarek Atoui’s work inhabits the intersection of visual and sound arts. Known for installations and performances that embody a sensory approach to space via sound and objects, Atoui’s investigative process embraces history, anthropology, ethnology and musicology. He sees sound as a catalyst for human interaction and often collaborates with other musicians, as well as researchers and musical instrument makers.

In his sound practice, Yann Leguay focuses on notions of dematerialisation, the use of interfaces and everything about the materiality of sound. Active since 2007, he also produces installations, sculptures and editions that coalesce a critical approach to the meaning of the technological evolution. In performance he tries to push the boundaries of accepted norms of audio behaviour, using uncommon machineries for the playback of audio media: opened hard drives as turntables, an angle grinder as a microphone, the sound of electricity on its own. Yann Leguay lives and works in Brussels.

Picture of performance by Tarek Atoui
© Tarek Atoui