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New Voices of Mudam – Guided tour


In collaboration with

RYSE Luxembourg

Access to the tours

Included in the entrance fee

t +352 453785–531

For the second time, Mudam and RYSE are coming together to find new mediators. RYSE is an organisation whose mission is to encourage the fulfilment of young refugees and to accompany them in the discovery of their potential, while enhancing their autonomy and integration into active life.

12.10.2022 | 10h00–12h00 | Presentation of the project
17 & 18.11.2022 | Repetitions

Guided tours
Sat 19.11.2022 | 10h00 (English) + 14h00 (Tigrinya)
Sun 20.11.2022 | 10h00 (French) + 14h00 (Ewe)

Mudam’s Publics Department wishes to contribute to this aim by opening its doors to people who are interested not only in contemporary art but also in working as mediator. This is a unique experience intended to awaken the artistic sensibility of visitors and to forge links between the public and works of art. Upon completion of their training sessions in October and November, the “New Voices of Mudam” conduct their own guided tours now, either in one of the languages spoken in Luxembourg or in their own mother tongue(s).

New Voices of Mudam, 2021 © Photo : Mudam Luxembourg
New Voices of Mudam, 2021
© Photo : Mudam Luxembourg