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Thomas Scheibitz

about 90 elements / TOD IM DSCHUNGEL

Thomas Scheibitz’s works walk the line between abstract and figurative art. They draw their sources from a visual archive that the artist has developed over many years in the form of an image bank. The forms that the artist selects from this image bank to create his paintings, sculptures and drawings are reinterpreted in a style close to abstract art and evoke architectural works, volumes, enigmatic symbols or even typographic elements.
The title of the exhibition, about 90 elements / TOD IM DSCHUNGEL, emphasises Scheibitz’s interest in the relationships between science and art. The ninety elements refer to the periodic table which lists all the chemical elements present on earth, while the expression “death in the jungle” alludes to a film by German film director Werner Herzog, which reflects on the impossibility of controlling nature through traditional organisation systems. In his work, Thomas Scheibitz seeks to highlight the principles that govern our world, transforming them into abstract scenes to reveal their unpredictable character.

Exhibition organised by Camden Arts Centre, London and Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, in collaboration with Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Mudam Luxembourg.