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Pedro G. Romero

Pedro G. Romero (b. 1964) is a multi-skilled artist, a photographer, an exhibition organiser and the artistic director of Flamenco dancer and choreographer Israel Galván. For several years now, he has been leading ambitious artistic research into the political and social emptiness of modern satellite towns.

In his video La Casa (2005), viewers discover Galván the dancer measuring up an apartment in Badia del Vallès, a town close to Barcelona consisting mainly of council housing. By dancing from one room to the next, Galván casts a new light on our more or less standardised living environments and he does so with humour.


  1. Pedro G. Romero La Casa, 2005

    Projection vidéo, couleur, son
    Avec la collaboration d’Israel Galván
    Caméra et réalisation Aleix Gallardet
    20 min 37 s
    Présentée avec l’édition complète de l’Archive F.X. La ville vide/politique, (Fondation Antoni Tapies, Barcelone, 2007)
    Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Acquisition 2006
    © Photogramme : Mudam Luxembourg

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