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Jesper Just

The video This Love is Silent (2003) by Jesper Just (1974) throws into question, in a surprising way, our perceptive habits and expectations. Conjuring up, through its form and atmosphere, the style of the Nordic whodunnits, this short film presents all the characteristics of a large cinematographic production. The moment when the young man gets out of the car boot and sings the love ditty, Cucurrucucu Paloma, by Tomas Mendez, in a soft voice, increases the suspense and creates a disturbing effect on the viewer, even more so because as the story unfurls it does not correspond to what is expected. The film plays with the discrepancy between the expectations of the viewer and the development of the narration which is concentrated, in a precise and convincing manner, on the subtleties of human expression, on looks, gestures and emotions. Astonishing the viewer on many levels, the film avoids, however, any irony or derision.


  1. Jesper Just This Love is Silent, 2003

    Vidéo couleur, son
    5 min 45 s
    Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Donation 2003
    © Photogramme : Jesper Just

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