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Christian Marclay

Both a visual artist and an experimental musician and composer, Christian Marclay (1955) cites the Fluxus and Punk movements among his influences. In his performances, videos or installations, he not only explores the boundaries of the musical field, but also analyses musical iconography in the broader sense of the word.

Video Quartet (2002) is a work coproduced with Mudam and projects a visual and sound kaleidoscope onto four screens, consisting of approximately 700 extracts from films that, in a meticulous orchestration, appear to provide a cross section of almost the entire history of cinema. The frenzied succession of short musical or acoustic sequences thus perfectly summarises Marclay’s ironic paraphrase of American painter Frank Stella’s famous saying: “What you see is what you hear.”


  1. Christian Marclay Guitar Drag, 2000

    Projection vidéo couleur, son
    14 min
    Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Acquisition 2001
    © Photogramme : Mudam Luxembourg

  1. Christian Marclay Video Quartet, 2002

    Quadruple projection couleur, son
    17 min
    Ed. 2/5
    Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Commande 2001 – San Francisco Museum of Modern Art et Mudam Luxembourg
    Vue de l'exposition Out of Storage II – Rythmes, 18.06.2009 – 13.09.2009, Mudam Luxembourg
    © Photo : Andrés Lejona | Mudam Luxembourg

Marina Abramović, "Video Portrait Gallery", 1975-1998 | Collection Mudam Luxembourg | Acquisition 2001
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