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Antoine Prum

Antoine Prum (b. 1963, Luxembourg) innovates for his participation at the Venice Biennale in 2005, by basing his project on the production of a medium-length film, Mondo Veneziano, High Noon in the Sinking City, 2005. The film takes an abandoned Venice as a backdrop and presents itself as a satire of the contemporary art world by staging an encounter between 4 stereotypical protagonists: a convivial artist, a theorist, a painter and a curator. Mutual incomprehension reigns between these 4 characters, composed uniquely of citations mostly borrowed from influential texts on contemporary art and punctuated with scenes of bloody murders explicitly making reference to the gore cinematic genre. For the artist, the confrontation between these two worlds ironically reflects ‘the gap between artistic theory and practice’. Everything inMondo Veneziano smacks of artificiality including the characters, who seem to merely be caricatures of their own role and Venice itself, suggesting that the fiction and the reality of the city are confused. The film was in fact entirely shot in the south of Luxembourg on a film set built in 2001, to be demolished in 2005. It is therefore a ‘Venice in Luxembourg’ that Antoine Prum craftily presents. Following its presentation in Venice, Mondo Veneziano has been shown in numerous exhibitions and film festivals.


  1. Antoine Prum, "Mondo Veneziano, High Noon in the Sinking City", 2005. Film 35mm transféré sur vidéo HD, couleur, son. 32 min 50 sec. Collection Mudam Luxembourg. Acquisition 2009 © Antoine Prum
    Antoine Prum Mondo Veneziano, High Noon in the Sinking City, 2005

    Film 35mm transféré sur vidéo HD, couleur, son
    32 min 50 sec
    Affiche originale du film
    180 x 200 cm
    Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Acquisition 2009
    © Antoine Prum

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