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Activities for kids and their family

Zesumme mam 100komma7 Klassesall

Ech gesinn eppes, wat s du net gesäis

An dëser Serie stellen sech Konschtwierker, déi grad bei eis am Musée stinn, selwer vir. Lauschtert gutt no: Dir kënnt matrode wéi se ausgesinn an se duerno esou molen, wéi dir iech et virstellt. Wann dir färdeg sidd, kënnt dir eis är Biller iwwer eraschécken.

Lauschtere kënnt dir exklusiv op 100komma7 - Klassesall, vu méindes bis freides all Dag vun 11:00 bis 12:00 Auer.

Duerno fannt dir d'Folgen hei op eisem Site:

1. Robert Morris
2. Su - Mei Tse

Discover Mudam from Home

Mudam Actionbound App

Discover Mudam quite comfortably from home. Answer questions, solve riddles, and leave your creativity free run. You only need to download the Actionbound App, to scan the QR-Code on the photo, and there you go!

Draw me a tree | And send it to the Mudam Team

Within the framework of the exhibition:
Jean-Marie Biwer. D’après nature

© Mudam Luxembourg

The Luxembourgish artist Jean-Marie Biwer paints for eyes that no longer see what surrounds us. For this Mudam Go! – Activity for kids, the artist invites you to: “Draw a tree.”

Start by capturing an image in your mind: tall grass, a path winding between the pines, beeches at the edge of the forest, ... Take the time to think about nature, its patience and perseverance, like life itself. Pay attention to your feelings. Now fix the image you've imagined with pigments of colour, a bit of water and some paper.

Finally send a photo of your drawing to someone you care for, like a message in a bottle, as well as to the Mudam team ( We will produce gifs of your creations and post them on our website and on social media.

Thank you: Alex, Clémence et Ting, Elisa, Francesca, Grima, Julia, Martha, Oscar, Sunanda, Yanis

Thank you: Yaël, Julie, Estelle, Sarah T., Julien, Louise, Julia , Elias, Charlotte, Marie, Liz, Amy, Cora, Frieda, Alysa, Charlène, Gaël, Mathilda, Jack

Thank you: Amy, Ben, Chiara, Lorena, Elias, Elina, Ella, Fabio, Giulia, Guido, Jeanne, Maxi, Mila, Maurice, Sarah, Sibyle, Tun

Thank you: Aaliyah, Adham, Adrien, Alexandra, Antoine, Arthur, Charles, Gabriel, Charlotte B., Elena, Elisa, Estelle B., Etienne, Farah, Jack W., Jules, Lilou, Louise, Mathilde, Nicolo, Noah, Paul J., Pierre B., Sacha

Thank you: Charlène, Diana, Diogo, Emilio, Felicia, Gabriel, Hassan, Jackey, Lionel, Lucy, Scott, Tim

Thank you: Ben, Boris & Diana, Chloé, Christian, Diana, Florin, Gabriel, Guillaume, Inês, Johanna, Kaja, Léonie, Lilly, Lucy, Mila M., Nuria, Sànchez family, Sammy, Théda, Yan

Thank you: Anna, Charlotte, Elisabete, Elisabeth, Elly, Giulia, Jeanne, Jonathan, Joshua, Lilou, Lorenzo, Louis, Maxim, Norah, Ruben, Sue, Tamina

Thank you: Adélia, Charel, David, Hassan, Inesa, Jonathan, Liv, Rachel, Sánchez family

Thank you: Tajna, Guilherme, Chelsea + Stacy, Ella + Lou, Lea, Sarah, et Francisca

Merci un Daniva, David, Emma, Ena, Gonçalo, Hugo, Kiara, Lucas, Lucie, Noah an Zoé, Schüler vum Cycle 3.1. aus der Ecole Lydie Schmit Schifflange.

Stimulate your creativity

The "Tempera" painting technique

Currently you can't come to our workshops, so we bring you a series of videos at home to stimulate your creativity.

The Luxembourgish artist Jean-Marie Biwer painted several paintings according to the old “Tempera” technique – that artists already applied hundreds of years ago –, consisting of an egg yolk, pigment and water.

This first video demonstrates how to make “Tempera”, and now it's up to you to try out that little experiment at home. Look in the kitchen cabinet to find pigments (turmeric, paprika, cocoa, etc.) and let your imagination play.


Mudam Workshop: How to make “Tempera”