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Mudam GO!

Is life standing still ?

Send me a picture of your still life.

As it is still recommended to stay at home, we are inviting you for this Mudam GO! to also work from home.

The artist Jean-Marie Biwer paints what he sees, the world around him. The work A Wooden Sketchbook (2005 - Today) which is part his exhibition D’après nature at Mudam, consists of 157 small-format paintings on wood, each characterised by an identical format and very different themes, perspectives and styles. Each painting is to be understood as a fragment, an observation of a particular moment. If you get closer and look in greater detail, you will see a number of still lives, objects that accompany his daily life.

What are you currently surrounded by in your home? The theme of this Mudam GO! is still life ‒ a representation of inanimate, lifeless objects.

See what objects you have at home and build your own compositions. Express your creativity through either photography or painting!

Two artists, Martine Pinnel and Chantal Maquet, have already engaged with the theme to give you some inspiration, which is shown in these videos (link below).

Now it's up to you to stage one or a few still lives and either photograph or paint them and send them to

Chantal Maquet

Chantal Maquet, a Luxembourgish artist, is currently working in her studio in Hamburg. Unfortunately, from the window, she does not see any trees, so she looked for something to paint inside: seasonal vegetables, as a small comment on the current situation.


Is life standing still?

Martine Pinnel

Martine Pinnel is a Luxembourgish photographer who loves to travel for her photography. She likes best to photograph portraits and landscapes.
In the quarantine, these subjects are, of course, hard to get in front of the lens, so she sought out some objects from daily life to photograph.

Thank you: Dahlia, Elsa, Guido, Liza, Mathilde, Tanja, Zoi