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Mudam from Home

Have a look at all Mudam's activities, from home.

Activities for adults:

Ce blog se base sur le livre de Claude Moyen: Eng Geschicht vun der Konscht vun haut (Une histoire de l'art d'aujourd'hui), une introduction aux grands concepts de l'art moderne, de l'impressionnisme à la performance, en passant par le dadaïsme et
l'art conceptuel.

La Mudam Akademie passe au numérique! Sur Vimeo, nos cours d’histoire de l’art sont disponibles en luxembourgeois et en français.

Catalogues on Display! is a new initiative to provide free online access to selected catalogues and excerpts of publications that have been published for Mudam’s exhibitions.

Each week, members of Mudam team will share up to three recommendations for books, movies or music that are broadly related to the museum’s activities.

Activities for kids:

Is life standing still ?
Send me a picture of your still life.

See what objects you have at home and build your own compositions. Express your creativity through either photography or painting!

Ech gesinn eppes, wat's du net gesäis

An dëser Serie stellen sech Konschtwierker, déi grad bei eis am Musée stinn, selwer vir. Lauschtert gutt no: Dir kënnt matrode wéi se ausgesinn an se duerno esou molen, wéi dir iech et virstellt.

Audio tales for kids

Discover Mudam from home by downloading Actionbound App.

Currently, you can't come to our workshops, so we bring a series of videos to watch at home, that will stimulate your creativity.

Draw me a tree
Start by capturing an image in your mind: tall grass, a path winding between the pines, beeches at the edge of the forest,... then, fix the image you've imagined with pigments of colour, a bit of water and some paper.