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Wednesday Night Fever | With Géisskan Kollektiv


Within the framework of the exhibition

A Model

Free admission

Booking is not required

Giving life to the spirit of A Model on these very special Wednesdays, Mudam invites all its visitors to reclaim the museum in fun, convivial and joyful ways and inhabit its spaces by taking part in our Night Fever activities. Once a month these Wednesday special programmes will invite everyone to engage their bodies, brains and social skills in communal and interactive practices that differ from their everyday experiences at the museum.

Mudam welcomes Géisskan Kollektiv to bring poetry to the galleries of A Model. Everyone is welcome to participate in this creative writing session, letting the artworks inspire you to think, write and speak in your own words in a collective workshop. Géisskan Kollektiv will offer prompts, exercises and ideas to guide you in the process of bringing your inner poet to light.

Géisskan Kollektiv is a poetry slam and art production collective. They are dedicated to local, regional art production, manufacture and promotion of young literary artists and talents.

A series of polaroid pictures taken in the Mudam exhibitions.