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Wednesday Night Fever | With Swing Dance Luxembourg


Within the framework of the exhibition

A Model

Free admission

Booking is not required

Giving life to the spirit of A Model on these very special Wednesdays, Mudam invites all its visitors to reclaim the museum in fun, convivial and joyful ways and inhabit its spaces by taking part in our Night Fever activities. Once a month these Wednesday special programmes will invite everyone to engage their bodies, brains and social skills in communal and interactive practices that differ from their everyday experiences at the museum.

Mudam welcomes Swing Dance Luxembourg for a dancing session, bringing some new moves to the exhibition spaces. Mudam invites everyone to start the evening with a taster class suited for beginners and more experienced dancers alike, to warm up and learn some new Lindy Hop steps and be able to experience the spirit behind it. After that, the floor is yours! We invite everyone to a social dancing moment, to practice with partners or new acquaintances. Swing music will be playing so you can demonstrate your best steps in the spectacular space of Mudam’s Grand Hall, alongside Oscar Murillo’s installation.

Swing Dance Luxembourg is a non-profit organisation with a goal to promote Lindy Hop and other swing dances in Luxembourg and surrounding areas. We do that by organising weekly classes, social dance events, parties, workshops and other dance-related activities. The club is run by volunteers who want to share their passion for dance with others.

Swing Dance Luxembourg acknowledges that dances of the Swing era have African and African-American roots and were founded in a deep and complicated history. We are committed to being respectful of the culture, to learn about it and to talk about it. We hope to trigger your interest in the history and the culture of Swing dance and raise your awareness.

Opening of the exhibition ‘A Model’, 08.02.2024 Mudam Luxembourg © Photo: Marion Dessard | Mudam Luxembourg
Opening of the exhibition ‘A Model’, 08.02.2024 Mudam Luxembourg
© Photo: Marion Dessard | Mudam Luxembourg