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Wednesday Night Fever | With Board Game Nights


Within the framework of the exhibition

A Model

Free admission

No booking required

Giving life to the spirit of A Model, on these very special Wednesdays, Mudam invites all its visitors to reclaim the museum in fun, convivial and joyful ways and inhabit its spaces by taking part in our Night Fever activities. Once a month these Wednesday special programmes will be inviting each one to engage their bodies, brains and social skills in communal and interactive practices that differs from their everyday experiences at the museum.

Mudam welcomes the Board Game Nights collective to momentarily repurpose its galleries for a night filled with games. For this special night, the East Gallery and Jardin des Sculptures will be adapted to give you a welcoming feeling, let you enjoy Mudam while playing with old friends and new acquaintances. The museum is your playground for this boardgames evening!

Board Game Nights is a group of friends who enjoy playing board games and want to show their hobby to other people. They let you immerse yourself in game worlds and bring different people to the table to have fun.

Three snapshots taken at Mudam.
© Photo : Mudam Luxembourg