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Storytelling and contemporary art (Code : D3-a-02)


Mudam Studio
Course for primary school teachers

Levels C1, C2–C4

Led by

Luisa Bevilacqua

In association with the exhibition

25 Years of the Mudam Collection
and the project ‘Mudam, one collection, lots of stories!’

No experience necessary

No supplies needed

Free event

Limited availability

(Luxembourg National Education and Training Institute)


The museum welcomes you in compliance with CovidCheck

Being inspired by a piece of contemporary art to write a story – this is the creative process the artist and storyteller Luisa Bevilacqua invites you to explore as part of the ‘Mudam, one collection, lots of stories!’ project. Combining theory and practice, this course will help you discover the art of storytelling and experiment with story creation as a tool for cultural outreach.


  • Participants become familiar with the different forms of expression of contemporary art
  • Participants develop an interest in art, storytelling and narration


  • Observing works of art and expressing their effect on you
  • Communicating and discussing with other participants
  • Demonstrating a certain creativity and open-mindedness
  • Formulating your own ideas
  • Reflecting your personal teaching practice
  • Experimenting with different language and narration techniques
  • Developing approaches to learning based around a work of art or an artist

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the museum’s collection, Mudam invites you to discover the artworks in its collection in a different way – by hearing their stories told differently. Artist and storyteller Luisa Bevilacqua will take you into a world of storytelling, encouraging primary school teachers to interpret artworks in a sensitive yet entertaining way and helping them to see these works in a new light. This course seeks to familiarise participants with the work of the artists in the exhibition. It also aims to forge links between schools and the museum by encouraging teachers to discuss and create, working with an artist who is an expert in the field of storytelling. It will facilitate an understanding of the work artists do, based on a light-hearted and creative approach appropriate to the world of children.

Methodological approach
The course focuses on a range of object-based approaches to visual research and learning, including:

  • learning to see, observe and create
  • reading, interpreting and analysing images and using these skills to teach in a sensitive yet entertaining way
  • individual creation with an emphasis on experimentation and discussion
  • developing and designing individual and creative approaches to teaching.

Luisa Bevilacqua, artist and storyteller
Valérie Tholl (Mudam)

Luisa Belvilacqua
© Photo : Mudam Luxembourg