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Mudamini Opening – Etel Adnan et les Modernes


Free admission for one child and two adults

Places are limited

Booking mandatory
t +352 453785–531

We invite 6–12 year-old children to a festive programme with activities celebrating the artist Etel Adnan.

This opening is organised in partnership with the artists from Atelier Bingo.

Organised in partnership with the artists Atelier Bingo.


Aiguille magique
Punch needle workshop with Chaumière Oiseau (textile designer).
RDV: 13h30, 14h00, 14h30, 15h00, 16h00, 16h30, 17h00, 17h30

Colour Experience
Creation of silk painted collective Kakemonos with Sokina Guillemot (artist).
Continuous: 13h30–18h00

Adhesive tape collage workshop with Atelier Bingo (illustrators and graphic designers).
Continuous: 13h30–18h00

Building Landscape
Risograph printing with Mari Campistron (illustrator).
Continuous: 13h30–18h00

Creation of a cut out landscape on leporello with Charline Collette (illustrator).
RDV: 13h30, 14h00, 14h30, 15h00, 15h30, 16h00, 16h30, 17h00, 17h30

Facepainting with Alexandra Lichtenberger (makeup artist and costume designer).
Continuous: 14h00–15h30, 16h30–17h30
Face painting workshop on 13h30, 15h30 & 17h30.

Autour des mots
Poetry workshop with Anita Gretsch (poet and writer).
Continuous: 13h30–18h00
Readings by the children on 15h30, 16h30 & 17h30.

Beyond the 7 Mountains
Storytelling tour and leporello creation with Luisa Bevilacqua (storytelling artist).
RDV: 14h00 | DE, 15h00 | EN, 16h00 | FR, 17h00 | LU

Word, Sentence, Rhythm and Sound
Songwriting and music workshop with IRINA (music band).
RDV: 13h30 | FR, 14h30 | LU, 15h30 | DE, 16h30 | EN
Concert by IRINA feat. MUDAMINI on 14h15, 15h15, 16h15 & 17h15.

+ Mudam Summer Café and food trucks