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More Spoken Words - energy, fatigue and resonance - by LAGERKULTUR


Free on reservation


From 01.07.2021 on

Limited admission

Subject to modification or cancellation

Face mask mandatory

Physical distancing must be respected

During summer 2021, words resonate at Mudam. Mudam Summer Project – More Spoken Words – revolves around words, poetry, slam and music, and pays homage to Su-Mei Tse's ink fountain, the iconic artwork that gives the project its name. Mudam invited Géisskan Kollektiv and LAGERKULTUR, two young Luxembourgish collectives, to invent an original programme for the summer season. Meeting every Wednesday for an evening flooded with words (Géisskan Kollektiv) and sounds (LAGERKULTUR):
18h00–20h00: Géisskan Kollektiv – poetry, slam and words
20h00–22h00: LAGERKULTUR – energy, fatigue and resonance

In a conversation between two people, there is a simultaneous exchange of words and emotions. Energy and fatigue are the two extremes of human sensation that can be amplified, if understood, creating a moment of resonance. This phenomenon creates an environment where we resonate as a community. The starting point for this creation is spoken words, the result is rather phenomenological. Just like a madeleine de Proust, the music curation should stimulate the subjective reminiscence of past moments, bringing back what we loved. Club culture seems to have disappeared during the current pandemic, which forced all of us to forget what it feels like to meet, touch and engage with someone. More Spoken Words is a story about missed moments, moments we could not experience. The titles of the mixes are made up of a series of quotes extracted from imaginary conversations between nightclub-goers, elaborated in an interactive process with the audience. LAGERKULTUR is seeking to imitate the moments of enthusiasm and togetherness we would have shared with friends and strangers, and the conversations we would have had on a night out.

It was back in 2017, that we first appeared under the name of a forerunner project. We were throwing parties in a warehouse, but it was not just for the sake of throwing a party, we did it for a particular purpose. We wanted to reinvent the perception of what club night should look like, and to what extent arts could be a part of it. At that time, none of us could have imagined the formative impact that the project would have on us. The work we organically produced together pushed us into a process of self-exploration: a process that encouraged us to discover our own creative-self, a desire to express ourselves artistically and ultimately a self-belief that our ideas are valued in this world. Discovering ourselves also means discovering the world surrounding us – this process has not let up ever since. We realized that through our project, we were able to articulate these strong beliefs, and were confronted with overwhelmingly supportive reactions from others. As the project grew, so did our enthusiasm. In August 2019, we initiated an open-air dancefloor on Place de l’Europe Kirchberg, under the alias of LAGERKULTUR. Shortly after this promising debut appearance, we were co-hosting the opening night of Luxembourg Art Week at Casino Luxembourg, in charge of the music curation and the spatial design. In the following months, we were composing an ambitious program for our debut season, collaborating with several cultural institutions and organizations, some of which are Rotondes, Fonds Kirchberg, Radio 100,7, Vinyl Harvest and De Gudde Wëllen.