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Discussion Platform – Freigeister | Entre les langues


With Jean Portante

In the presence of the artist Sophie Jung



Within the framework of the exhibition

Freigeister. Fragments of an art scene in Luxembourg


15€ | 5€ for students (breakfast included)


The museum welcomes you in compliance with CovidCheck

The Freigeister exhibition is the result of a collaborative process which, in the preparatory phase, involved a series of discussion days between artists, curators and outside experts. Their remit was to reflect on the most significant issues affecting Luxembourg today, such as borders, migration, languages, living together and the development of our country.

Mudam would like to continue this discussion platform by involving the public. From 8 January to 26 February 2022, each Saturday morning you are invited to join experts from a variety of fields – artists, researchers, writers, architects, sociologists and representatives of institutions and associations – to discuss some of the key themes reflecting the complex reality of Luxembourg today, how the country is changing and its future prospects.

Each Discussion Platform – Freigeister begins with a presentation of their work by the artist in person, followed by a presentation on the chosen topic by a guest expert. These presentations are followed by a moment of convivial discussion around a breakfast with the public and the speakers of the "Freigeister Alphabet" project.

Entre les langues
05.02.2022 | 10h00–12h00 | FR/LU
La réinvention de l’ombre by Jean Portante (writer)
In the presence of and invited by the artist Sophie Jung
The candle. Its flame symbolises light, the spiritual side of life. In Italian the word “bugia” sounds like candle in French: “bougie”. It means the lie in Italian. This is how the language of the whale works. It is nourished by words which, within the words, create images drawing their meaning back to the origin. I called this “l’effaçonnement”. Both erasure and shaping are represented in this word. As the whale erased its legs to shape its fins. My candle is already no “bugia" candle, without being a “bugia”. The candle lies.
Also present:
Maizy Gorza (Director of the INL – Institut National des Langues), Luc Marteling (Director of the Zenter fir d'Lëtzebuerger Sprooch)

The other platforms:

Au-delà des frontières | 08.01.2022 | 10h00–12h00 | FR
with Nathalie Roelens | in the presence of the artist Marco Godinho
Also present: Sophie Langevin and Sandrine Gashonga

Form Follows Fiction | 15.01.2022 | 10h00–12h00 | FR
with Carole Schmit + François Thiry | in the presence of the artist Aline Bouvy
Also present: Thierry Faber and Frédéric Zeimet

Cohésion | 22.01.2022 | 10h00–12h00 | FR/LU
with Serge Allegrezza | in the presence of the artist Claudia Passeri
Also present: Misch Feinen and Julia Maria Zimmerman

En transition | 29.01.2022 | 10h00–12h00 | LU
with Norry Schneider | in the presence of the artist Daniel Reuter
Also present: Guy Colling

Vivre ensemble | 12.02.2022 | 10h00–12h00 | FR
with Denis Scuto + Magali Nachtergael | in the presence of the artists Karolina Markiewicz and Pascal Piron

Lieux communs | 19.02.2022 | 10h00–12h00 | FR/LU/EN
with Hans Fellner | in the presence of the artist Laurianne Bixhain

D’ici et d’ailleurs | 26.02.2022 | 10h00–12h00 | FR/LU
with Marianne Donven | in the presence of the artist Nina Tomàs

Vue de l'exposition "Freigeister", 11.11.2021 – 27.02.2022, Mudam Luxembourg.
Sophie Jung, "The Offing", 2021. Exposition "Freigeister", 11.11.2021 – 27.02.2022, Mudam Luxembourg.
© Photo : Marion Dessard | Mudam Luxembourg