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Musician and artist eRikm (1971) is an inquisitive experimenter and a distant concrete music heir. So while he plays vinyl records, he also breaks, glues and wears them down. In both music and sculpture, his essential tools are collage and sampling.

Staccato (2003) thus represents a musical composition turned into a sculpture, in which 888 fragments of vinyl records featuring music for string instruments are assembled on a long cable and mounted above a mirror. The installation is a visual transposition of the artist’s musical compositions, characterised by fragmentation and dislocation, and evokes the visual materialisation of music by an oscillograph.


  1. eriKm, "Staccato", 2003, Mudam Collection. Vues de  l'exposition "Out of Storage II – Rythmes", Mudam Luxembourg, 18.06.2009 – 13.09.2009
    eRikm Staccato, 2003

    Fragments de 888 vinyles, câble métallique, miroir
    App. 800 cm de long
    Pièce unique
    Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Acquisition 2004
    Vues de l'exposition Out of Storage II – Rythmes, Mudam Luxembourg, 18.06.2009 – 13.09.2009
    © Photo : Andrés Lejona | Mudam Luxembourg

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