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Dominique Gauthier

Dominique Gauthier’s (1953) work combines a baroque painterly sensuality with questions concerning modern painting. Swirls of shapes and colours invade his canvases which are excessive in their dyonisiac opulence and immoderate in their profusion and entanglement of signs. The musical title of this complex and profound composition, Orphique, is a direct allusion to those major figures of early abstraction, Robert Delaunay and Wassily Kandinsky.

Gauthier plays with automatism and the role of chance in artistic production through a partly random process. He constructs painting machines made of pierced plastic bags filled with paint that are suspended and set in motion over the canvas. The recurring spiral motif in his work began with a paintbrush attached to a rope. Lacquers are used to give extra formal effects. The distortions and protuberances created by centrifugal force seem however to submit to the limits of the painting and thus respect the frame of the canvas. In this regard Gauthier stands apart from the all-over principle of Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings.


  1. Dominique Gauthier, "Orphique", 2001, Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Dominique Gauthier Orphique, 2001

    Acrylique et laque sur toile
    265 x 250 cm
    Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Acquisition 2002
    © Photo : galerie les filles du calvaire

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