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Dominique Gauthier

Dominique Gauthier’s (b. 1953, Paris) paintings refer to the history of abstract art in the twentieth century. The musical title of this composition – Orphique – alludes to a series of paintings created by Robert Delaunay (b. 1885, Paris – d. 1941, Montpellier) and Wassily Kandinsky (b. 1866, Moscow – d. 1944, Neuilly-sur-Seine). Gauthier plays with automatism and the chance nature of production, employing a partly random process to make his paintings. Using painting machines of his own construction, the paint is applied using plastic bags that are punctured with small holes and then set in motion above the canvas. The spiral form is a recurring motif in his work, reflective of the centrifugal force that is used to create it, using a paintbrush attached to a length of string.


  1. Dominique Gauthier, "Orphique", 2001, Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Dominique Gauthier Orphique, 2001

    Acrylique et laque sur toile
    265 x 250 cm
    Collection Mudam Luxembourg
    Acquisition 2002
    © Photo : galerie les filles du calvaire

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