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Walking on Water (Screening)

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CinEast Festival

Directed by the Bulgarian documentary maker Andrey Paounov, who will be present for introducing the film

Walking On Water
By Andrey M Paounov
Bulgaria, United States, Italy | 2018
90’ | EN

Walking on Water follows internationally renowned artist Christo on his quest to realise The Floating Piers, originally conceived in 1970 by Christo and his late wife and collaborator, Jeanne-Claude. In 2016, seven years after Jeanne-Claude's death, this stunning, site-specific masterpiece was finally cleared to be mounted on Italy's Lake Iseo, which lies at the foot of the Alps. But securing a location proved to be only the first step in a tumultuous process of creative problem solving and prickly negotiations.

An illuminating portrait of a master artist and the arduous business of bringing an ambitious work to life, Walking on Water gives us a rare and entertaining look into the business of large-scale art production. The Floating Piers attracted over 1.2 million visitors.

Locarno Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Doc NYC 2018, Louvre Film Festival, Hong Kong International Film Festival, Thessaloniki Film Festival 2019

“Few artists deserve the moniker 'maverick' as much as Christo, and few documentarists are as attuned to the intersection of visual delight and strong personality as Andrey Paounov.“ Variety

“Art houses with regular documentary programs will have a crowd-pleaser on their hands.“ Variety

“Christo once again proves to be a colourful and larger than life character. It’s a thrill to watch so many hands come together in the service of great art.” POV Magazine