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Tribute to Steve Kaspar & Bert Theis


European Pentagon, Safe & Sorry Pavilion, Place de l’Europe - Kirchberg
Musical performances by

Nataša Grujović (accordion)



Organised by

Bert Theis Archiv + Nataša Grujović

Financially supported by

Ministry of Culture Luxembourg

Thanks to

Andreas Wagner
Philippe Nathan
Karl Humbug
Stéphane Bombard

“Plainte sur la perte de la réflexion musicale.”

Nataša Grujović – solo Accordion
I would like to perform six days. On the seventh day, events unfold by themselves.

01.11.2021 – 19h00
02.11.2021 – 17h00
03.11.2021 – 11h55
04.11.2021 – 16h50
05.11.2021 – 18h15
06.11.2021 – 19h10
07.11.2021 – the artist is present from 17h00–19h00
20h00: Finissage at de Gudde Wëllen


  • Steve Kaspar (1952–2020) & Nataša Grujović (1978): HOO 13 & HOO 14
    World premiere
  • Henry Purcell (1659–1695): From Dido and Aeneas, Scene III
    Final Aria and Ritornello
    Arrangement by Benjamin Britten
  • Klaus Huber (1924–2017): Ein Hauch von Unzeit VI
    Plainte sur la perte de la réflexion musicale
  • Nataša Grujović: Der Atem der bleibt I, II, III, IV, V & VI
    In Andenken an HOO 15
Arcipelago Bert Theis, "Fl(i)ght Sketches", 2019