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Regards Croisés – Luxembourg, a colonial state?

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In collaboration with

Lëtz Rise Up




8€ (exhibition acces included)

Limited admission

Subject to modification or cancellation

Face mask mandatory

Physical distancing must be respected

Regards Croisés – A cycle of meetings in the galleries, in front of the artworks
Mudam invites people from a wide variety of fields to take a personal look at the museum's exhibitions. The conference/visit will be followed by a friendly moment of discussion at Mudam Café.

Luxembourg, a colonial state?
In association with Lëtz Rise Up
Around the works of William Kentridge

Committed to the field of equality and social struggle, William Kentridge traces a number of historical events in his works. He asks questions and, above all, encourages the visitor to reflect on history. This “Regards Croisés” is an opportunity to establish a link between the theme of the evening, “Luxembourg, a colonial state?” and the South African artist's exhibition at Mudam. Organized with Lëtz Rise Up, this meeting takes the form of a guided tour, which will parallel the subjects of the exhibition with little-known aspects of Luxembourg's history.

About the association
Lëtz Rise Up is a feminist and anti-racist association founded in October 2019, whose goal is to combat all forms of exclusion, including those related to gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and disability. The association conducts its activities through the organisation of trainings, conferences and artistic events. Lëtz Rise Up is particularly keen to promote the well-being of women at risk of cross-discrimination.

William Kentridge, "Sibyl", 2020
© William Kentridge