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Moth Studio – How a passion became a company

Moth Studio was founded to share their member’s love of storytelling, drawing, and filmmaking through animation. They set up shop in 2015 and have been crafting award-winning animations from their studio in London ever since.

They are known for their perceptive and emotive storytelling with a strong emphasis on character and design as communication. They’re often drawn to complex and challenging subjects and take enjoyment from the challenge of portraying them in a playful and imaginative way. Every project that comes through their door has different demands, be that conceptually or artistically, and their team can nurture it from concept to fruition. Their commercial, commissioned and personal work has been celebrated at festivals worldwide, earning them multiple BAFTA nominations, an Annecy Cristal and D&AD pencil amongst other awards. They love embracing new approaches, and their goal is to create vivid work that maintains a smart and distinct voice while working harmoniously with the needs of the project.

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