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Laurent Pariente. Sans Titre, Mudam, Luxembourg, 2008

Collection presentation

Reinventing the places they occupy, Laurent Pariente’s constructions contain a space in order to confer upon it a new scale. The artist’s response to the Mudam commissioning a work to occupy its Grand Hall sees the dimension of colour
imposing itself throughout a work of his for the first time. Here, the labyrinth character of the work combines with the intense presence of pallid colours. Appro­ximately 150 translucent walls, varying in width and colour, are mounted so as to form mazes in the space that they divide up and give rhythm to through reflections and transparencies. A game of passages and channels, it is impossible to grasp the installation in its entirety in just one view, even when jutting over it from the balcony above. It is only by wandering through it that observers can take it in, little by little... constantly confronted along their path with visual impressions undergoing incessant renewal, challenging their senses captured by this sensitive and colour-enveloped space.


  • Marie-Claude Beaud