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Michel Paysant. Peradam

Collection presentation

The title of the film Peradam (2007), by Michel Paysant (b. 1955, Bouzonville), derives from the mysterious ‘curved crystal’, a treasure only visible to those who seek it, as described in René Daumal’s unfinished novel Mount Analogue (1939–44). Paysant takes as his own utopia the concept of a European community: for Peradam he sampled fifty-five fragments of asphalt taken from a succession of symbolic locations, such as Frankfurt’s Börsenplatz and the Mitrovica bridge in Kosovo or Luxembourg and the European institutions, and filmed them slowly morphing into one another. The viewer is invited to journey along an endless imaginary road, both across the Continent and towards the idea of it. In conjunction with this film, part of Mudam’s collection, Paysant is presenting an exhibition of his work together with that of Ceramics as Experience, an artistic research laboratory he runs at ENSA Limoges, within the Craft_3.0 Immersive Art & Craft Project at the 1535° Creative Hub in Differdange (01.04 – 26.06.2022).

Michel Paysant, Peradam, 2007
Vidéo couleur, son
1 h 5 sec
Composition sonore : Muadhib
Commande et Collection Mudam Luxembourg
Acquisition 2009