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Burt Barr, "Sextet", 1998–2001. Projection vidéo, noir et blanc, son. Trilogie de diptyque comprenant : "Angel", 2001 (14 min 5 sec) ; "Rain Piece", 1998 (11 min 40 sec) ; "August", 1999 (15 min 5 sec). Collection Mudam Luxembourg. Acquisition 2001 © Photogrammes : galerie Brent Sikkema
Out of Storage II. Rythmes

Collection presentation

Following Out of Storage I – Peintures choisies de la collection in 2008, the second segment of Out of Storage involves the idea of rhythms.

This series of pieces from the collection, created by both emerging and more established artists, showcases works in which the notions of sequences and rhythms, both visual and musical, play a major artistic role.