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NY – Lux

Edward Steichen Award 2004 –2014

The Edward Steichen Award Luxembourg was established in 2004, in honour of the American photographer and curator Edward Steichen who was born in 1879 in Luxembourg, with the aim of contributing to the dialogue between the art scenes in Europe and the United States, of which Steichen was one of the main instigators in the early twentieth century. Awarded every two years to a young artist from the Greater Region, the award offers the winner a residency of six months in New York as part of the renowned ISCP program (International Studio and Curatorial Program). Since 2011, a second prize, the Edward Steichen Luxembourg Resident in New York, offering a four month residency at ISCP, has been added for a young Luxembourg artist. The exhibition brings together recent works by the seven winners since 2005 and demonstrates the richness and diversity of the art scene in the Greater Region.


  • Enrico Lunghi

Under the Patronage of:
  • Her Royal Highness The Grand Duchess

  • Bertille Bak
    Étienne Boulanger
    Jeff Desom
    Sophie Jung
    Maria Loboda
    Claudia Passeri
    Su-Mei Tse