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Fresh Window. Mudam Collection in the City

Collection presentation

In collaboration with the City of Luxembourg and the Union Commerciale de la Ville de Luxembourg, Mudam Luxembourg ‒ Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean has invited shopkeepers and storeowners to select a work from the museum’s collection for display in their stores and premises during the month of May. Through this unprecedented exchange, Mudam opens its doors to a broader public and encourages a dialogue about notions of taste, quality, and the place of contemporary art in our daily lives.

Fresh Window unfolds as part of a walking itinerary that begins in the neighbourhood of the central railway station and continues to the historic centre. The initiative forms part of Mudam’s vision to make its collection more visible and accessible to the many different communities that make up Luxembourg.

Members of the public have the opportunity to take part in walking guided tours through the various stores, and to discover the selected artworks from the Mudam Collection. Interactive tours for children and families are organised on Saturday afternoons.

The process of producing Fresh Window and the many conversations between storeowners and the museum’s curators are documented in a series of filmed interviews, accessible on the websites of Mudam, the Union Commerciale, and the City of Luxembourg.

The Mudam Collection is the most important collection of contemporary art in Luxembourg. Resolutely international in its scope and ambition, the collection's holdings consist of close to 700 works of art in various media by artists from Luxembourg and around the world.


Fresh Window. La Collection du Mudam en ville | Interviews des commerçants participants

Fresh Window – Fresh Photo

We're challenging you!

You're are 6–12 years old? Then tour the many works of the exhibition Fresh Window in the shops of Luxembourg City. Make a creative photo in front of your favorite work, and send it to:

Cool gifts await you!

1st Prize: a family Brunch at Mudam Café (max. 5 people), followed by an interactive visit for you, your family and your friends (max. 20 people)
2nd Prize: a free participation in a Mudamini workshop of your choice
3rd–10th Prize: small Mudam surprises