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"KUNST" (Art). Yasmina Reza / Frank Hoffmann


Mudam Grand Hall




Booking required
t +352 470895–1

Limited capacity

80 seats per evening

Mudam Café

Will be open before and after the performance

Mudam’s Great Hall will host the seminal play Art (1994) by Yasmina Reza (b. 1959, Paris) in a new production directed by the Luxembourgish director Frank Hoffmann (b. 1954, Luxembourg). The project is produced in collaboration with Schauspiel Leipzig and Théâtre National du Luxembourg.

The play depicts a cross-section of the daily lives of three friends embroiled in a heated conversation about a modern work of art ­– central to the piece is the familiar question, “what is art?”.

Director: Frank Hoffmann
Assistant director:
Johannes Preiβler
Cast: Christoph Müller as Marc, Denis Petković as Serge, Wenzel Banneyer as Yvan
Set design:
Susann Bieling
Marleen Ilg
Daniel Sestak

Yasmina Reza, (b. 1959, Paris) is a multi-award-winning French playwright, novelist and memoirist. Her work has been translated into more than thirty languages and been produced worldwide and has achieved both critical praise and popular international success.

Director Frank Hoffmann (b. 1954, Luxembourg) initially pursued an academic career in the fields of German Philology and Philosophy, before his path led to him to the theatre in Heidelberg. After working as a freelance director from 1983, he founded the Théâtre National du Luxembourg in 1996 and has been its artistic director ever since. Between 2004 and 2018, he was also the artistic director of Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen, which he expanded into one of the largest and most important European theatre festivals.

Représentation de "KUNST" (Art) de Yasmina Reza.
Yasmina Reza, "KUNST" (Art)
© Photo : Rolf Arnold